The MVI Process

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Multivendor Integration (MVI) allows vendors and their customers to successfully integrate multivendor networks. The process outlined here is only an example but the principles can be applied to any given project.

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MVI Definition

MVI is defined as the integration and verification of a customer specific configuration in a multivendor environment. It is performed on the customer site or test bed in co-operation between the vendors and their customer, with a focus on end-to-end features and applications.

MVI is a logical follow-on from IOT. It is a way of providing an agreed process between customer and vendors, and provides a formal mechanism for customer involvement in their network integration, giving clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all involved parties. 

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Testing environment and scope

As MVI relates to customer specific configurations the test environment and scope of work will vary from project to project.

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The MVI Process

As MVI is a customer specific activity the process will vary from project to project.

In general the MVI process consists of four main activities: project planning, test planning, testing and test reporting as depicted in the following diagram.

Project Planning

This is the first phase of the MVI process and will involve the formation of a project planning group with representatives from the customer and all involved vendors. 

Once the need for MVI has been identified the customer and vendors shall agree on a project plan to cover the testing. The outcome of this shall be a project plan that contains details of the software loads to be tested, testing schedule and any other project specific information required.

For more complex network configurations involving elements from multiple vendors it may be necessary for the project group to define several work groups in order to achieve the test planning phase.

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Test Planning

This phase of the MVI process is where the tests to be performed are agreed by the customer and the vendors. The tests are based around the customer requirements and the capabilities of the various network elements. The MVI network configuration parameters are also defined at this stage

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This phase of the MVI process is where the actual integration takes place. Testing should only start once all the entry criteria have been met.

Verification of the test cases will be achieved by ensuring that the test results are in line with the expected outcome. A two-step verification scheme will be used: firstly the monitored interworking will be checked against the interworking described in the test case; secondly the functionality described in the test case will be verified.

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Test Reporting

On completion of testing a test report shall be produced and agreed by the customer and the involved vendors.

If there are any outstanding issues from the testing, the customer and the involved vendors shall agree on an action plan to cover them.

If all the exit criteria have been met then testing shall be deemed complete.

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