IOT Entry & Exit Criteria

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Entry Criteria

The following entry criteria must be met before the laboratory testing can commence:  

  The relevant statements of compliance are exchanged between both parties.

  Table test analysis based on the exchanged statements of compliance is complete.

  All parties must mutually accept the table test analysis and the joint test plan, including all appendices.

Reports from the previous test periods are available if applicable.

  An official kick-off meeting is held to agree a schedule for testing and the minutes are available.

Network parameters and configurations are agreed, and the required resources are available.

Both parties shall have completed their internal testing.

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Exit Criteria

The following exit criteria must be met before laboratory testing is deemed to be complete:

All test cases defined in the joint test plan have been performed, unless both parties agree to exclude them.

  A joint test report has been prepared and agreed by both parties.

An action plan has been prepared and agreed by both parties in order to cover any outstanding items.

An official wrap-up meeting has been held.

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